About Us

Company overview

Orioncap is a privately held commercial and residential real estate development company based in Toronto, Ontario.  Orioncap specializes in land assembly, multi-family residential development and commercial retail development.

Orioncap’s niche is acquiring land development opportunities around the G.T.A (Greater Toronto Area) that can be developed in a time period of 1-3 years.

The team prides itself on its ability to ensure traditional soundness in its investments, ensuring sufficient exit strategies, preservation of capital and adequate risk-adjusted returns while developing forward-thinking and innovative strategies to maximize value creation.

In our early years we learned that in order to grow in this industry, a company has to be both financially and organizationally prepared to quickly adapt to market changes. By doing calculated risk analysis for every project, we aim to develop the most profitable income producing properties. By being dynamic in our investment strategies we are continuously adjusting for variables that affect our industry in order to locate and identify key areas in the G.T.A for economic growth.